The Get Paid Financial Protection System


World Financial markets are causing stress to healthcare providers nationwide.

Increased taxes, higher debit, and cashflow issues are causing increased stress and anxiety in healthcare professionals nationwide.

My Get Paid Financial Protection System will help the Healthcare Provider:

  • Eliminate negative and derogatory credit
  • Save on taxes
  • Create an offshore corporation
  • Invest and store Gold and Silver
  • Become a cryptocurrency millionaire
  • Protect investments and real estate from lawsuits
  • Learn proper banking and saving techniques
  • and much much more!


Price: $995 includes one year of unlimited help

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About Your Instructor

Dr. Geoff Ricchio

Dr. Ricchio is a Nationwide Healthcare and International Financial consultant with over 31 years of billing, collection, and financial experience.

He is also the creator of Get Paid Healthcare Systems is a nationwide healthcare consulting company specialized in billing and collection solutions for the Patient and Healthcare Provider. Using proven techniques, the patient can force insurance companies to pay for denied healthcare services and the Physician to be paid promptly on denied healthcare claims.