Get Paid Insurance System


The Get Paid Insurance System will show Doctor and Staff how to collect on old denied or reduced insurance claims as far back as 6 years.

Collect money owed from past claims and clean upold insurance account receivables.

Now used in over 10,000 offices nationwide, theGet Paid Insurance System will assist your office with proper insurance payments and reduce further insurance company collection problems.

The system consists of:

  • Insurance System manual
  • Audio Training CD for training
  • Data CD for important forms
  • Unlimited phone/fax/email support for one year

3 Levels of the Get Paid Insurance Program are available


Includes Insurance System manual, audio training, Data for important forms, online assistance, phone, fax assistance for one year with above

Price: $995


Every item from above plus "AT YOUR OFFICE" training of Doctor and Staff.

Price: $695 down and $99 per month

INTENSIVE PROGRAM (Hospitals/Large Office)

Hospital or large Healthcare facility on premise training of Doctors and Staff in the Get Paid Insurance System. Total hours: 40 hours.

Price: $9,995

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About Your Instructor

Dr. Geoff Ricchio

Dr. Ricchio is a Nationwide Healthcare and International Financial consultant with over 31 years of billing, collection, and financial experience.

He is also the creator of Get Paid Healthcare Systems is a nationwide healthcare consulting company specialized in billing and collection solutions for the Patient and Healthcare Provider. Using proven techniques, the patient can force insurance companies to pay for denied healthcare services and the Physician to be paid promptly on denied healthcare claims.