At Your Office Consulting


Proper implementation of the Get Paid Healthcare System includes the on-site training of Doctors and staff. This assures your office will be well educated and prepared on making the programs effective and profitable.

All consulting systems include unlimited phone, fax, and email assistance.

3 Levels of "At Your Office" consulting are available


Includes "At Your Office" setup and training of any one selected system plus unlimited phone, fax and email assistance.

Price:  $695 down and $99 per month


Includes ALL Get Paid Systems, "At Your Office" setup and training of all systems, unlimited phone, fax and email assistance

Price:  $995 down and $199 per month


Hospital or large Healthcare facility collections and implementation of all Get Paid Programs. All collection files will be reviewed and legal solutions will be advised. Autodebit implementation and cash plans will be instated.

Price:  $9,995 for one week on site (40 hours)

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About Your Expert

Dr. Geoff Ricchio

Dr. Ricchio is a Nationwide Healthcare and International Financial consultant with over 31 years of billing, collection, and financial experience.

He is also the creator of Get Paid Healthcare Systems is a nationwide healthcare consulting company specialized in billing and collection solutions for the Patient and Healthcare Provider. Using proven techniques, the patient can force insurance companies to pay for denied healthcare services and the Physician to be paid promptly on denied healthcare claims.