Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get Paid HealthcareSystems?

Get Paid Healthcare Systems is a consulting company specializing in Insurance collection techniques, cashflow solutions, marketing systems, and financial protection.

Who can use Get Paid Healthcare Systems?

Get Paid Healthcare Systems has two main consulting areas, Public programs and Healthcare offices.

What programs are available to the public?

Insurance program, Credit Repair and Financial protection system.

Is Get Paid Healthcare Systems new? How long have they been in business?

Get Paid Healthcare systems has been assisting Healthcare Providers of all specialties for over 10 years.

Who is Dr Geoff Ricchio D.C?

Dr Ricchio is a Healthcare provider for over 31 years and has created an Insurance collection system, Massage program, MRI program, Autodebit program, and Financial protection system. His programs are now being used in over 4,000 healthcare offices nationwide.

How much are the programs and what do I receive?

The Get Paid Healthcare consulting program has three different levels for Healthcare providers and three levels for the Public. Review our website and call 888-396-PAID for questions.

Can I speak with Dr Ricchio directly?

Yes, we recommend speaking with Dr Ricchio first to see if the programs are right for you.

How long can I receive help once I purchase a program?

All programs include one year of assistance via phone and email.

How effective are his programs?

Very effective. In fact if all procedures are followed, you have close to 100% success with your needs.

How can I get in touch with your company for questions?

You can call 888-396-PAID or email us at